Exercise, Productivity and Goal Achievement

2 Reasons Why You Should Make Physical Exercise a Daily Habit!

For many people, exercise and productivity seem to compete for limited resources like time, energy and willpower. However, a proper approach to exercise, fitness and sports performance can improve the way that we feel, think and perform in other areas of life. Contrary to what many of us think, exercise can actually improve productivity in a variety of ways: whilst exercise might make the body tired in the short-term, it can have profound effects on the way that our minds work in both the short- and long-term.

Goal Setting

Goals are a key part of getting anything done. “A goal without a plan is just a dream” has become a trite cliché at this point, but goal-setting can make or break a project. Consider, for example, if an Olympic athlete simply resolved to win the next Olympics by performing better. We might wish them luck but this plan is far too vague to be actionable. We need to set plans that are detailed and give us a way of achieving them. Consider, then, the way that athletes and their coaches develop training plans in order to achieve specific goals. They have to isolate an end-goal, identify contributing factors and develop a plan that takes them from “now” to that goal. This is not just for elite athletes: exercise in general follows these principles and can improve our understanding of the process involved.


One of the most important things to remember about goal setting and projects more generally is that they must be based on a basis of competence, confidence and planning. Having talked about goal-setting above, it is an essential fact of goal-setting that only those with confidence in themselves can properly commit to goals and know that they are able to achieve them! Exercise has been closely tied to self-confidence and a positive self-perception because it allows us to set and achieve goals. When we do this, we develop confidence and competence: the ability to achieve self-defined goals due to a combination of character traits and using appropriate strategies to get what we want. As we achieve these goals, we are further-motivated to push on and given self-belief in our abilities to achieve tasks in any field.

Take away

Exercise can be a tiresome task if we don’t enjoy it, but it can easily be integrated into a morning routine: from light cardio to stretching to a full workout at the gym, physical effectiveness will translate to work effectiveness and an active mind. Improving mental performance, improving wakefulness and protecting us from the damaging effects of aging, exercise will have an unquestionable positive effect on your life even without considering the physical and health benefits.

We Hope you have a prosperous 2018! If you would like us to write about a topic, please send us a message! 🙂


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