A bit about me and the intent of Steady Success 

I am a young adult living in beautiful Australia trying to figure out what my purpose in life is. The end goal is to be financially and mentally prepared, to guarantee that my family will be able to live the lives that they want without hindrance for many generations.

The knowledge on SteadySuccess is open for everyone to absorb, whether you are in the same situation as I am, an aspiring leader or just want to learn something new today.

SteadySuccess will contain pieces about self-development, kaizen, emotional intelligence, leadership, investments and other various subjects. The site will demonstrate that it is never too late to pursue the life that you want to live. If you want to earn more money. Go and do it. If you want to learn about space. Go and learn. Sometimes it will be hard, but there is no greater pain then that of regret. The reward will be worth it. 

The overall goal of SteadySuccess is to have a relatable blog that will help everyone establish and maintain a continuous improvement lifestyle. 

If you are a grammar Nazi and see things that are not correct, please let me know. I am human after all and will appreciate the feedback. Some good karma will also come your way 😊 If you have any topics that you want me to write about or if you would like me to upload something you have written or want to collaborate, send me a message and I will get to it. The point of this website is for us, as humans to develop ourselves every day.


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